Content and Local Use
Role in Obtaining State Approvals
Examples of ERIs
ANJEC Resource Paper on ERIs

Content and Local Use
With text, maps, photos and other visual elements ERIs/NRIs bring together information on natural resource characteristics and environmental features. Once compiled, ERIs/NRIs, become the basis for land use planning that protects resources. The ERI/NRI enables environmental commissions and open space committees to play a significant role in municipal master planning, land use ordinance development, and site plan review.

For more detail about the content of an ERI/NRI and guidelines for its compilation, see the ANJEC Resource Paper on ERIs.

Role in Obtaining State Approvals
The State Planning Commission requires ERIs/NRIs for municipalities seeking Plan Endorsement, a process which has both regulatory and funding benefits. State agencies are committed to assist municipalities implementing their endorsed plans by providing

  • Technical assistance,
  • Direct state capital investment,
  • Priority for state grants and loans, and
  • Substantive and procedural regulatory changes such as permit streamlining.

Examples of ERIs


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