Highlights from the Summer 2008 Issue (1.59MB)

  • New Jersey's Energy Master Plan
  • Emission Inventories & Energy Audits
  • ANJEC in the City: A Room Without a View

The Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions' quarterly journal, the ANJEC Report, explores environmental issues in New Jersey and offers practical suggestions for local action. In each issue, our 2,500 readers receive articles on current important local, state and federal laws and successful programs, including case studies and references for additional information. Subjects covered include suburban sprawl, urban environmental issues, drinking water resources, stormwater management, stream corridor protection, land use planning, open space, plant and animal habitat and tree preservation. . The ANJEC Report also regularly carries accounts of environmental commission accomplishments, research reports from the ANJEC Resource Center on current high-interest topics, and steps that individuals can take to address key environmental issues in their communities.

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Each issue is 20 pages in length. Single issues are $4.50, a one year subscription is $15.00.

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