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Urban/Developed Communities



Urban Environmental Commissions

Active environmental commissions can help protect health and the environment in NJ’s urban and developed communities. They make a difference through their work on open space, green infrastructure, recycling and litter, health issues, wildlife habitat restoration, energy, pedestrian and transportation, land use planning, education and community outreach. ANJEC's Urban Environmental Commissions ( 987kb) booklet gives details about what these commissions do.

Environmental efforts in our cities may face a special challenge because other pressing issues often take precedence over the environment. Urban areas flourished at one time because of industrialization. We are now dealing with the residuals of that era. We need to remember that wherever we live or work, the quality of our air, water and land is important for our health and our economy.

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ANJEC Programs

ANJEC’s Urban Environmental Initiative aims to help citizens and local officials in NJ’s developed areas promote good planning, protection of air and water quality and preservation of open space. Our staff organizes regional round tables, local road shows and workshops at the annual Environmental Congress to strengthen existing and form new environmental commissions in NJ’s 68 urban municipalities.

The quarterly ANJEC Report’s "ANJEC in the City" columns cover a wide range of programs and activities that urban and developed community environmental commissions, citizens and government officials are using to improve their areas’ environmental quality.

Our online newsletter Green City Gazette offers environmental information and resources relating to urban and developed communities.

Green City Gazette is available by email. To sign up, send your name, address and email address to:

ANJEC’s Resource Center offers information, guidance and referrals, and ANJEC publications cover brownfields, clean air, recycling, smart growth and urban environmental commissions. Contact ANJEC’s Resource Center by email, or call 973-539-7547.

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