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ANJEC Road Shows

Reserve a date for your environmental commission’s Road Show!

A Road Show will help your commission members be effective leaders in natural resource protection by addressing specific questions and issues of concern.

What ANJEC Offers

ANJEC will prepare an individual workshop for your environmental commission with your choice of one or two topics, time and location. Workshops will not be scheduled for July, August or December.

Road Show Cost

The cost of a Road Show is $250, which covers unlimited enrollment. Why not share the cost with other groups or towns? Invite your local officials, boards, commissions and residents.

Road Show Topics

A Road Show can cover one or two topics, including those listed below or any of your choice.

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Basic Commission Operations

Effective Environmental Commissions

Powers and responsibilities of the commission, projects and activities, and building support with residents and local officials.

Environmental/Natural Resource Inventory (ERI/NRI)

How to prepare a new or revised ERI/NRI, including data sources, content, costs involved, where to go for help, and ways to use and apply the information effectively.

Gorilla Marketing for ECs

How commissions are getting the word out, grabbing attention, building support and increasing public participation on a shoestring budget including: cheap tricks, proven techniques and time-honored tools of the trade.

Site Plan Review

Skills and information to review a site plan effectively and ask the right questions about environmental impacts.

Using Geographic Information Systems

Learn how to make GIS work for your environmental commission and your town.

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Land Preservation

Caring for Conservation Easements
How to inventory and steward conservation easements in your town and engage landowners so that easements serve their intended purpose of protecting natural resources.

Preserving Open Space

The environmental and economic benefits of preserving open space, how to create an open space plan, and how to establish an open space tax.

Open Space Stewardship

Learn how to better manage your town’s preserved open space, establish an environmentally friendly trails’ network, protect and manage trees and woodlands, or deal with invasive species and restore habitat.

Walkable/Bikeable Communities

Examine ways to develop facilities and programs that improve bike/pedestrian opportunities. Learn how to plan walking/biking infrastructure, walk-to-school programs and use tools to increase pedestrian safety.

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New Jersey Highlands

Opportunities and Challenges in the NJ Highlands

Learn more about how the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act, NJDEP Highlands Regulations and the Highlands Council’s Regional Master Plan affect your town.

Sustainable Communities

Selling Energy Conservation in Your Town

Techniques to increase conservation by residents and businesses and case studies of successful local programs.


Municipal Actions to Foster Sustainability

Approaches and available resources that can help reduce carbon footprint and foster sustainability through municipal policies, planning, land use decisions and outreach activities.

Trends in Local Threatened and Endangered Species Protection

Find out how NJ towns are safeguarding wildlife habitat and protecting vulnerable species through improved ordinances and practices.


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Water Resources

Stormwater Management and the State Stormwater Regulations

Find out ways you can help your town implement NJDEP requirements and protect water quality.

Contact Information

Call 973-539-7547 or email to make a reservation or obtain more information.

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