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Water Resource Protection Publications

Wetlands, stormwater, streams and the Highlands

Many ANJEC publications are available online in PDF format (Adobe PDF icon). Just click the title to view online or download using your right mouse button. PDF files require Adobe Reader, available for free. Use the online form to order paper copies.

Septic Systems, Clean Water and Your Municipality.(Adobe PDF icon) 2017. 16 pages. $1.00. Managing Septic Systems and their importance for your municipality. How septic systems work, the benefits and approaches to managing septic systems, including model ordinances.

Clean Water, Sewers, Septics and Sprawl (Adobe PDF icon 74kb). Order paper copy. 2006. 7 pages. Free. Connections between development, water pollution, sanitary sewers and septics with an outline of key municipal actions to insure future clean water and sustainability.Back to Top

Freshwater Wetlands Protection in New Jersey: A Manual for Local Officials. Order paper copy. 2004. Third Edition. 52 pages. $10.00. By Abigail Fair. Covering amendments through 2001, the manual explains the provisions of the NJ Freshwater Wetlands Regulations. It also offers techniques municipalities can use in the land use planning and application process to complement the state program. The manual is intended to help members of municipal environmental commissions, planning boards, boards of adjustment, boards of health and interested citizens to take steps at the local level to protect wetlands.

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Major State Programs Affecting Land Use (Adobe PDF icon 151kb), 2009. 8 pages, $1.00.
Describes programs impacting land use that the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) administers - Water Quality Management Planning, Freshwater Wetlands Protection, Flood Hazard Area Protection, Water Quality Standards and Coastal Protection. The paper explains how environmental commissions can comment effectively on development proposals that require state permits and state regulation proposals. Environmental commission comments can alert municipal board to applicant's need for state permits and can provide NJ DEP with information critical to comprehensive review.Back to Top

Municipal Options for Stormwater Management (Adobe PDF icon 238kb). Order paper copy. 2011. 12 pages. $1.00. Reducing non point pollution and managing stormwater through master plans, natural areas, zoning and land use ordinances, best management practices, retrofitting and redevelopment. References, web and phone links.

The New Jersey Highlands Water Protection & Planning Act Primer (Adobe PDF icon 798kb). Order paper copy. 2005. 12 pages. Free. This booklet was produced to aid municipal officials and residents in the Highlands region in understanding the Act and how it relates to them.

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Protecting Our Streams (Adobe PDF icon 365kb). Order paper copy. 2009. 12 pages. $1.00. Impacts of human activity on water quality, options and benefits of stream protection, municipal ordinances, state and regional regulatory programs and sources of information.

Septic System Management for Clean Water (Adobe PDF icon 225kb). Order paper copy. 2003. 12 pages. $1.00. How septic systems work, the benefits and approaches to managing septic systems, including a model ordinance.Back to Top

CD-ROM, Stormwater Management for Municipalities, 2004, $5.00. It includes

Sample fliers and background information to help municipalities and others conduct educational programs.

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