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Publications for Local Protection

State & local laws, regulations and land use tools for protecting land use, open space, and natural resources

Many ANJEC publications are available online in PDF format (Adobe PDF icon). Just click the title to view online or download using your right mouse button. PDF files require Adobe Reader, available for free. Use the online form to order paper copies.

Acting Locally: Municipal Tools for Environmental Protection. 2002. 148 Pages. $10.00. A comprehensive collection of rationales and methods for protecting ground water, lakes, steep slopes, trees, streams and other natural resources through better local land use policy. Includes examples of practical, specific techniques including ordinances, development standards, data collection and public education. Order paper copy.

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Environmental Commissioners' Handbook. (Adobe PDF icon) 2017. 86 pages. The fifth edition is filled with information commissions need to get the job done in their communities. To order, call ANJEC, 973-539-7547.

Septic Systems, Clean Water and Your Municipality.(Adobe PDF icon) 2017. 16 pages. $1.00. Managing Septic Systems and their importance for your municipality. How septic systems work, the benefits and approaches to managing septic systems, including model ordinances.

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The Environmental Manual for Municipal Officials. 1998, Second Edition, 178 Pages, CD only, $5.00. A unique reference designed to help municipal officials understand the increasingly complex body of environmental laws. Features the legal and environmental roles local boards and commissions play in protecting New Jersey's environment. It includes state environmental laws and programs, grouped by subject area. Extensive information resources, applicable laws and court cases. An index makes the Manual easy to use. Order CD.

The Environmental Resource Inventory: ERI (Adobe PDF icon 290kb). Order paper copy. 2013 update. 12 pages. $1.00. Legal basis, elements and uses of this important database of natural resources and environmental characteristics. How to put an ERI together, types of information to include, sample tables of contents.Back to Top


Freshwater Wetlands Protection in New Jersey: A Manual for Local Officials. Order paper copy. 2004. Third Edition. 52 pages. $10.00. By Abigail Fair. Covering amendments through 2001, the manual explains the provisions of the NJ Freshwater Wetlands Regulations. It also offers techniques municipalities can use in the land use planning and application process to complement the state program. The manual is intended to help members of municipal environmental commissions, planning boards, boards of adjustment, boards of health and interested citizens to take steps at the local level to protect wetlands.

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Major State Programs Affecting Land Use (Adobe PDF icon 151kb), 2009. 8 pages, $1.00.
Describes programs impacting land use that the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) administers - Water Quality Management Planning, Freshwater Wetlands Protection, Flood Hazard Area Protection, Water Quality Standards and Coastal Protection. The paper explains how environmental commissions can comment effectively on development proposals that require state permits and state regulation proposals. Environmental commission comments can alert municipal board to applicant's need for state permits and can provide NJ DEP with information critical to comprehensive review.Back to Top

Municipal Environmental Commissions in New Jersey
(Adobe PDF icon241kb). Order paper copy. 2011. 12 pages. $1.00. Enabling legislation, commissions’ roles and benefits to municipalities, opportunities for training, examples of successful commission projects in raising awareness of wetlands and wildlife, reducing pesticide use, reviewing site plans, monitoring water quality, reducing non-point source pollution and use computer mapping.Back to Top


Municipal Options for Stormwater Management (Description: Adobe PDF icon 238kb). Order paper copy. 2011. 12 pages. $1.00. Reducing non point pollution and managing stormwater through master plans, natural areas, zoning and land use ordinances, best management practices, retrofitting and redevelopment. Includes many useful references of phone numbers and web links.

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The New Jersey Highlands Water Protection & Planning Act (Adobe PDF icon 798kb). Order paper copy. 2005. 12 pages. Free. This booklet was produced to aid municipal officials and residents in the Highlands region in understanding the Act and how it relates to them.Back to Top

Open Space Plan (Adobe PDF icon 306kb). Order paper copy. 2011.12 pages. $1.00. Putting an open space plan together, with outline of subjects required for Green Acres Planning Incentive Program, suggestions for funding, sources of information, factors for ranking lands for preservation, and action plan elements.Back to Top

Pathways for the Garden State: A Local Government Guide to Planning Walkable, Bikeable Communities. (Adobe PDF icon 1.02mb). Order paper copy. 2004. 38 pages. $8.00. Counter-attacking suburban sprawl by helping people get out of their cars and onto their feet and bicycles. A practical handbook to help environmental commissions, park and recreation departments, planning boards and citizen associations plan and design walking and bicycle routes along paths, sidewalks and roadways and through greenways. Includes information on evaluating your community, mobilizing support, putting together and implementing a plan in urban, suburban and rural areas, case studies and a resource list.

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Remediating and Redeveloping Brownfields in New Jersey: A Guide for Municipalities and Community Organizations. (Adobe PDF icon) 2014. 28 pages. ANJEC and the Center for Creative Land Recycling. An overview of the process for identifying, cleaning up and redeveloping older industrial, commercial and institutional properties in New Jersey. Includes information about how community organizations can participate in the process by advocating for cleanup and helping to plan for new uses that will benefit the community, including open space. Explains New Jersey’s new Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) program, and the agencies and professionals that are involved in the assessment, remediation, planning and funding of brownfield redevelopment. Many links and resources.

Sample Ordinances for Protecting Significant Coastal Habitats.(Adobe PDF icon550kb) Order paper copy. 2007. 29 pages. $2.50. Provides tools and techniques for protecting coastal habitat for migratory birds.

Septic Systems, Clean Water and Your Municipality.(Adobe PDF icon) 2017. 16 pages. $1.00. Managing Septic Systems and their importance for your municipality. How septic systems work, the benefits and approaches to managing septic systems, including model ordinances.

Site Plan and Subdivions Review: Environmental Analysis.(Adobe PDF icon226kb) Order paper copy. 2010. 12 pages. $1.00. Legal authority and procedures for environmental review of subdivisions and/or site plans. Approaches to evaluating environmental impacts, guidelines for site inspections and sample format for environmental commission reports to planning and zoning boards.Back to Top


Solar Siting and Sustainable Land Use, white paper (Adobe PDF icon707kb), Order paper copy. 2012. 16 pages. $1.00. With growing pressure to build large-scale solar facilities on farmland, open space, forests and environmentally sensitive areas, this paper will help municipalities navigate the new and complex issues around solar development, especially as it affects sound land use planning.

CD-ROM, Stormwater Management for Municipalities, 2004, $5.00 Order copy of CD. It includes

Preview condensed version - Developed Communities (Adobe PDF icon 664kb)

Preview condensed version - Developing Communities (Adobe PDF icon 279kb).

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Transfer of Development Rights: A Market-Driven Planning Tool (Adobe PDF icon 613kb). Order paper copy. 2007. 12 pages, $1.00. Explains the benefits and requirements of a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program and provides a summary of New Jersey's municipal TDR law. Suggests eight steps to develop a local TDR program and consistency with the State Plan. Describes how Chesterfield (Burlington) participated in the county's pilot TDR project, including use of both base-zoning and environmental factors to allocate credits to development potentials.Back to Top

Urban Environmental Commissions (Adobe PDF icon 987kb) Order paper copy 2003. 12 pages. FREE. Full of color photographs, this booklet illustrates how active environmental commissions can help protect health and the environment in NJ’s urban and developed communities. Their work on open space, green infrastructure, recycling and litter, health issues, wildlife habitat restoration, energy, pedestrian and transportation, land use planning, education and community outreach makes a difference. Back to Top



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