You can view an interactive Google map of access points, recreational, ecological, and cultural resources on the Lower Raritan.

The Lower Raritan River flows from the confluence of the Raritan’s North and South Branches near Bridgewater, NJ, eastward to the sea at the Raritan Bay. After a long period of industrial pollution, the ‘main stem’ is once again a place for recreation and enjoyment. Water quality is greatly improved, and fish and birds have returned to the river. Towns and counties along the corridor now recognize the importance of the Lower Raritan as a community and ecological resource, and are establishing access points, walking paths, parks and other amenities along its banks.

Through these pages, you can learn more about the Lower Raritan — how to enjoy it, and how to further restore and protect this vital resource that courses through and connects many bustling, thriving communities.

River Guide, Raritan Sunset, Egret
River guide
Raritan Boro
Raritan sunset
New Brunswick

These pages and ANJEC’s other Lower Raritan Public Access Project activities were funded by a cooperative agreement awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency to the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission in partnership with the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program.