Photo: Kristin Munafo, NJ Audubon

There are many opportunities to view birds along the Lower Raritan River. Local birders in Highland Park completed a 2012 bird sightings list with photos:

The Birds of Middlesex County, written by David Wheeler for Edison Wetlands ( states:

American oystercatcher, bald eagle, osprey, peregrine falcon and a wide range of gulls [are] among the regular sightings from the river. Among the many access points for the Raritan are the Johnson Park floodplain, Highland Park Meadows and Donaldson Park in Highland Park; Boyd Park and Buccleuch Park in New Brunswick; Edgeboro Landfill in East Brunswick; Edison Boat Basin; Sayreville’s Julian Capik Nature Preserve, and Keasbey in Woodbridge. Even the bridges over the Raritan River bring chance sightings of peregrine falcon and other birds perched on the light poles. For more details on some of the birds and locations along the Raritan, visit

In 2009, with support from the Edison Wetlands Association, NJ Audubon ( conducted an inventory of breeding birds in habitats along the Lower Raritan River. The baseline survey results can be used to help set site acquisition priorities, and direct management and restoration activities related to reducing fragmentation and contamination, and improving habitats for wildlife.
NJAS/EWA Bird Survey 2010 Report:
New Jersey Newsroom article on survey project:


Photo: Kristin Munafo, NJ Audubon

With the help of local citizen scientist volunteers, New Jersey Audubon conducted additional bird counts along the Lower Raritan River in spring/summer 2012 through the Together Green Program (sponsors: National Audubon & Toyota).



Photo: Kristin Munafo, NJ Audubon

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