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Conserving Energy in Your Town

POWER TOOLS - Spreading the Word about Saving Energy


Local environmental commissions and green teams can play a key role through grassroots initiatives to inform and motivate residents and business owners about saving money by saving energy.

ANJEC has developed a Power Tools Community Resource Kit, which includes:


Many towns across New Jersey have been working to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of municipal operations through energy audits, energy-efficient building improvements and installation of renewable energy generating technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines. But all local and state government operations combined represent only a tiny fraction of the state's total energy consumption. The great majority of energy use is by individuals and commercial enterprises.

In 2005, people in their homes consumed 46 percent of the total energy used in the State excluding transportation. Another 41 percent of energy expenditures that year were by non-industrial businesses--from the coffee shop on Main Street to the corporate headquarters building on the edge of town. Clearly, every person's actions can make a difference.

That's why local outreach efforts are so important. Environmental commissions and green teams can play an important role in educating residents and businesses in communities about the importance of energy conservation and how to achieve it.

When it comes to opening minds and changing behaviors, people are more likely to listen to people they know, local volunteers whose only agenda is the welfare of their community and their planet.

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