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Environmental Resource Inventories (ERIs)

Also known as Natural Resource Inventories (NRIs)

Content and Local Use

Role in Obtaining State Approvals

Examples of ERIs

ANJEC Resource Paper on ERIs (Adobe PDF icon1.3MB)

References (Adobe PDF icon52kb)

ERI Case Study Contest

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Content and Local Use

With text, maps, photos and other visual elements, ERIs/NRIs bring together information on natural resource characteristics and environmental features. Once compiled, ERIs/NRIs, become the basis for land use planning that protects resources. The ERI/NRI enables environmental commissions and open space committees to play a significant role in municipal master planning, land use ordinance development, and site plan review (Adobe PDF icon 226kb).

For more detail about the content of an ERI/NRI and guidelines for its compilation, see the ANJEC Resource Paper on ERIs (Adobe PDF icon 290kb).

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Role in Obtaining State Approvals

The State Planning Commission requires ERIs/NRIs for municipalities seeking Plan Endorsement, a process which has both regulatory and funding benefits. State agencies are committed to assist municipalities implementing their endorsed plans by providing

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Examples of ERIs


ANJEC ERI Case Study Contest

ANJEC is often asked, “How do commissions use their ERIs to protect the environment?”  Our staff would like to assemble a collection of real-life examples and case studies from environmental commissions around the state that tell the story of how they utilize the maps and information in their municipal ERI to enhance site plan review, solve a problem, prevent a problem, or inform some other environmental activity or policy in town.

ANJEC invites your environmental commission, or any member of the commission, to submit a 200 – 400-word essay or case study about the way(s) your municipal ERI has been put to use.  To sweeten the pot, we are offering an award for the most interesting or thorough submissions. First prize is a framed 24” x 36” printout of a GIS map from your existing digital ERI. Amy Greene Environmental has generously offered to sponsor the competition by providing the wall map.

There will also be two second-place prizes of one free 2014 ANJEC Environmental Congress admission.

ANJEC will compile the case studies and post them on as an educational tool for commissions. By participating in this competition you will be sharing your expertise, spotlighting your commission’s achievements, and inspiring environmental commissions around New Jersey to take their ERI down from the shelf, shake off the dust, and use it!!

Submit entries via email by Wed., June 18th, 2014.

Please put the name of your town and “ERI Contest” in the subject line.


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